Surviving the Winter Cold? 5 Budget Worthy Ways to Start Your Spring Early!

Visit a Scandinavian Spa

The snow on the ground may still remind you of your last ski trip but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the first

Scandinavian Spas
Scandinavian Spas

month of Spring! Before it all melts away with our winter misery, take advantage of the last snow and visit a Scandinavian Spa. March and April are some of the best months to enjoy a Scandinavian Bath since the temperatures are not freezing and allow for the body to relax and absorb the refreshing water and the cool early spring breeze. The Scandinavian Spas also offer massage and an array of other services tendered to your relaxation.

Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring has sprung and so have the latest fashions, and no these do not include a down parka with UGGs. Shopping for a new spring wardrobe will excite your mind for the new season. Shopping has been proven to ease depressed feeling, which many of us are likely to experience in the gloomy, dark, winter months. A new spring wardrobe doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars, even a few items will take your mind off the snow and slush and into the abyss of sunshine and singing birds.

Not much of a fashion freak? There are other spring items in store, I personally like to shop for garden tools, planting ideas, seeds and more! What’s a better way to greet spring than with beautiful landscaping?

Take a Walk in the Park on A Sunny Sunday 

Vancouver Trail
Vancouver Trail

This is a mini adventure for the whole family. No need to get out the wallet, this is absolutely money and stress free. The warm weather is slowly, (emphasis on the slowly) creeping up on us, so why not enjoy the extra bit of sunshine with a healthy trail discovery adventure? Get to know the parks and trails in your area, this way you’ll be ready for your kick start cardio jogs this summer! Decide between to good spots and which to avoid, set up a Sunday routine and take in the fresh air with a nice long trail. Check out this Toronto example of trails, ravines, discovery walks and more!

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Research the Local Beaches and Pools in Your Area

Destin West Lazy River, Florida
Destin West Lazy River, Florida

Depending on where you live the weather may not be in agreement with you yarning for a refreshing swim in the lake or pool.

Hopefully this summer doesn’t have a bad attitude, so you can get to know the local lakes, beaches and pools available in your area. Write down a mini summer bucket list of pools and lakes you want to visit and start checking the list off as soon as the degrees start rolling in!

The best part is you will be the pool and lake expert in your circle of friends,!

Set Up A Game of Indoor Beach Volleyball

HitnHope, Ohio
HitnHope, Ohio

Summer beach volleyball can start as early as you like with facilities offering indoor volleyball games and rock climbing. It’s a great way to not only get in shape for the swimsuit season but to also feel the sand between your toes all over again (and without spending thousands of dollars for getaway). Getting away into a whole other world of sand and heat will ensure you forget all your winter troubles!

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  1. I love the ideas of taking a walk in the park and sprucing up my wardrobe. Both of those can be done at a low cost, although I’m usually horrible at maintaining a budget when I come across awesome clothing finds in the store. It’s so hard to find things that fit right, so when I do, I buy a lot. 🙂

  2. I would love to try indoor beach volleyball! I’m so done with this winter. It’s been long and freezing cold with lots of snow in New England. I’m ready for spring, I mean summer! lol

  3. Love all these great ideas. Indoor game is always a great option & I do that with our kids & husband, which gives a great pleasure as well in return. We do love walking in the park regularly.

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