Power Outage? Make the Best of It, With These Creative Ideas!

Let’s face it, power outages are not fun and can be especially annoying if happens on a weekend! We can make the best of it with the following creative ideas, to stay warm, out of the dark and safe!

1. DIY Candle-Powered Pottery Heater

Found on instructibles.com
Found on instructibles.com

This neat idea can heat up a closed room (obviously not the whole house).


1. Light the candle

2. Put together a few jars (or other non-flammable objects) to hold up the pot.

3. Done!

Please ensure all materials are non-flammable to avoid a fire. Ensure to keep the children away from this mini heater.

Tip! Put all the items in a large cooking pot to avoid risk of fire.


2. Instant Hand Warmers

Make instant hand warmers within a few minutes!

Found on popsci.com
Found on popsci.com


1. Fill a large ziplock bag 1/4 way with calcium chloride ice-melt pellets (buy from your local hardware store).

2. Fill a smaller ziplock bag with water, close tight and put inside the larger bag.

3. Squeeze the smaller water bag until it pops, creating heat for 20 -60 min.

4. Done!


Read here for Tips on How To Survive Winter


3. Solar Yard Lights to the Rescue

Found on everneveragain.blogspot.com
Found on everneveragain.blogspot.com

Use solar yard lights as night lights indoors. Simply place the lights at your windows to obtain solar power. You can use jars filled with beans, spagetti (or whatever you like) to hold up the lights.

Once the sun goes down, the lights can help you move around in the house before bed time.


More Ideas!

  •      Look for clothing or blankets made of wool. Aside from leather, wool is known to be the most versatile and useful animal product on Earth. Wool has been used from early times to keep humans warm, it serves as great insulation.


  • Light up the fireplace, if you have a fire place, it is one of the best and inexpensive ways to keep warm during a power outage.


  • Check if your local hardware store rents out generators. A generator is an alternative way to provide power for a limited period of time.


How do YOU get through a power outage? Share your ideas below!

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  1. These are such creative ideas!! The candle powered heater will definitely be used the next time my power goes out. It’s like a mini campfire!

  2. We ALWAYS have some of those hand and foot warmers around the house. I think these are all really great ideas.

  3. I generally keep my shades UP to allow the sunlight in. I cuddle under my quilt with a good book then when the sun goes down I go to sleep! Yes-I have lived through power outages this way, but then I live in a small apartment. All the suggestions up there are really good ones!

  4. The only major power outage I can remember is the brownout/blackout a few years ago in our region from the Niagara outages. It was a pain and we were HOT lol. I don’t deal…I just whine 🙂 Good ideas for a winter outage though! I hope I never go through one!

  5. I’ve never experienced as many power outages in my life until I moved to Toronto almost 5 years ago! We’ve learned to make the best of it and really be prepared!

  6. I think the DIY heater with clay pots is genius. I sure needed this during the last ice storm she the power was out for a week! YUCK!

  7. Charging your solar yard lights during the day time hours is absolutely brilliant! I will definitely be trying that the next time the power goes out. We had one ice storm that put the power out at our house for 28 days…not even kidding.

  8. I live in Arizona so solar panels and solar powered things work really well with us, I even have a solar powered desk lamp, so we’d probably do the same thing and grab those lawn lights.

  9. These are so really awesome ideas for when there is a power outage. I love the idea of making a hand warmer and will be doing this one for sure. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Love the idea of the solar powered lights to the rescue! We try to keep flashlights handy, but they seem to travel about the house (thanks, kids). During the winter we just make sure that there are LOTS of blankets! Dark I can handle – cold, not-so-much.

  11. These are some great idea’s, I love the yard lights idea it seems like a ah ha moment when you sitting in the dark to use a solar powered light to keep you from tripping over your own two feet in the dark. Thank you for sharing!

  12. I enjoyed reading this article! One of my favorite ideas is attaching a headlight to a water jug which can be safe around children and light up a whole room.

    Great article!

  13. We have a power outage every summer here in our place. It is so hard for me since I work from home. But thankfully this year, we have short days of power outages but the sad thing is the hours were longer.

    Thanks for sharing these creatives ideas! They are helpful!

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