Great Ways To Save Money on Halloween – Food, Decorations, Costumes and More!

Although Halloween only rolls around once a year, it can be slightly heavy on your wallet if you’re planning to decorate, give out candy and dress your kids up, never mind throwing a Halloween party. Most would not budget for Halloween, with the same mind as they would for the winter holidays, which makes it easier to over spend.

A budget-savvy parent would embrace the DIY spirit and encourage a little creativity among the family, in fact getting creative with decor, candy, and costumes can make Halloween a lot more exciting!


3 Simple Ways To Save on Costumes

  • Clean out your closet – We all have clothes in our closet we haven’t worn in years, put it to good use for a Halloween costume! For example, for an 1980’s workout outfit find bright tights, leg warmers, a sweatband and a one piece bathing suits, put on bright make up and you’re good to go!
  • Swap with friends – Better to have 100 friends than 100 dollars, check out your friends’ costume collection and trade costumes without having to spend a penny on a new one. You can jazz it up with different accessories and give it your own look, in case they wore it last year and it’s still on their Instagram.
  • Thrift is the new Couture – Shop your local neighbourhood thrift store or classifieds like Kijiji to catch amazing bargains on great costumes. You never know what you’ll find and you can even try selling your previous costumes to make up the cost.

3 Simple Ways to Save on Candy

  • Stock up on dollar store goodies – Who said kids are only looking to get candy? Stock up on dollar store trinkets such as funky pencils and pens, erasers, party packages etc. They come in sets of  5-10, give them out individually for a fun twist. The kids’ Halloween bags will be full of chocolate and candy anyway, so a trinket will seem even more special!
  • Take advantage of bulk candy – Buying in bulk is cheaper, especially a few days prior to Halloween when all candy goes on sale.
  • Control how much candy is given out – We normally just grab and drop the candy in the bag, without putting much thought to how much was given and of course to make it as simple as possible. Consider buying little candy bags and ribbon for allocating 3-5 candies in each bag. Your night will be preplanned, each kid will get an even amount and your candy will be allocated evenly, making it last longer through the night.

3 Simple Ways To Save on Decorations

  • Box it up – Put away your Halloween decor for next year. Allocate a box for Halloween “stuff” to re-use for next year, no matter how small the Halloween decor is. Re-use the webbing and other decor that you may be tempted to throw away after one use. You’d be surprised by what else the decor can be re-used for, such as stuffing a fake body?
  • Get Creative – Spice it up by getting creative and involving your friends and family it making the decorations yourself. ,
    • Make a giant spider by stuffing garbage bags and using black or yellow garland for the spider legs.
    • Hang giant tissue paper fluff balls by using black and orange tissue paper.
    • Make a giant haunted tree with paper mache and and webbing.
    • Create a haunted door by cutting up garbage bags, construction paper and buying glow in the dark eyeballs.
    • Get more ideas from
  • Shop Cheap–  Thrift stores and classifieds are there to help you save, if you don’t have time to make the decorations yourself, get cheap deals from your neighbourhood thrift store or buy dramatic spooky stuff from the local classifieds.


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