Cost Saving Ideas: How to Minimize Your Grocery Bill and Save Money!

Saving money can be tough, especially with living on your own and having many bills to pay. If you’re up for the challenge it can still be possible to save money with a few simple strategies.

Groceries are one of the main expenses to keep track of when budgeting your finances. Groceries can add up through out the month and are harder to keep track of when having to run to the store on a daily basis to purchase different items. The one way to cut back on grocery spending is to set a specific day of the week as “grocery day”. For example, if Thursday is your grocery day then you would buy everything you need for the week to make enough meals, lunch, breakfast etc, enough to last you until next Thursday.

Once you see you’re running out of items during that one week, ensure to write these items down on a list (get a fridge list!) so you can buy these items next Thursday. This way you’re not constantly running to the store or extra items. The more often you go to the grocery store the more you’re tempted to buy more things because your eye catches more items. We may go into the grocery store for one specific item, but we will probably come out with 5-10 items, which causes us to spend more money! Having one day a week set aside as “grocery day” will prevent extra costs and help you manage your money better!

The benefits of having one day a week for groceries are saving money, saving time, planning ahead and better time management.

What really worked for me is the list I would make during the week before it was time for a grocery trip. The list helped me stay on track, know exactly what I need and focus on those items I need. Another good trick is taking a photo of the list before going for groceries so you don’t forget what to buy!

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Article by: Anna Suzdenkova

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