What Happens In An at Fault Accident in Ontario

Being in an at fault accident can be overwhelming and stressful. It’s important to remember to stay positive and believe that you can get through this.

Once your accident has been reported to the insurance company, they will decide whether you were at fault or not. Keep in mind most insurance companies do not take weather and road conditions into account because they use fault determination rules to determine whether you are at fault or not.

Fault determination rules differ by province and state, therefore it is good habit to become familiar with the rules before you drive.

For example, In Ontario, Canada, auto insurance companies use Fault Determination Rules to determine who is at fault. These rules are publicly available online.The rules set out scenarios and describe who would be at fault in each scenario. Your accident would have to fit into one of the scenarios to set the fault. If there are two scenarios that match your accident, the one with less fault is chosen. You can be 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 0% at fault. 

If you are at fault your insurance premium will increase, if you are not at fault your premium should not increase due to this accident.

Below is a list of all the work the insurance company in Ontario, Canada would do before closing your claim. Keep in mind, accidents vary in size and impact therefore the work varies too.

Adjuster’s Steps:

1. Appraise the damages of the vehicle

2. Set up a rental car for the insured (if coverage exists)

3. If the car is a write-off, communicate the appraised replacement value

4. If the car is repairable, schedule in the car for repairs

5. Call the other party’s insurance to get their side of the story

6. If the story doesn’t match – ask your insured if there were any witnesses

7. If the story matches determine the fault (0%, 25%, 50%, 75% 100%)

Auto Insurance Coverage

It’s extremely important to know what your car insurance coverages are. Most people go for the cheapest and quickest quote without understanding what they’re covered for. It’s important to know that in case of the unexpected you are protected. It’s like choosing a cell phone company package, make sure you chose the features you would like to have in case of an emergency.


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