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My name is Anna, I’ve been working in the financial sector for over 7 years. I’ve graduated with an accounting degree. I’ve held roles such as financial advisor, manager of customer service and auto property damage claims analyst. These roles helped me identify which financial topics people need most help with and so I am here to help!

I blog about personal banking, credit, mortgages, investing and the road to financial success.  My aim is to keep you out of the dark when it comes to your personal finances. People often feel intimidated or do not have enough knowledge to make sound financial decisions. I am here to help you decipher the lingo and lead you to confident banking.

Some of my successes include purchasing my first real estate in my early 20s. Proudly paying off my entire university tuition and managing a summer driveway maintenance business!

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**Disclosure** I do not provide fee-based professional financial advice. The articles on dollar stacker.com are of my own opinion only and are not a representation of any third party company.