5 Tips to Save Money Without Compromise

All of us want to save money, whether it’s for college planning, vacation, real estate and many other things, BUT (and it’s a big one) saving is not always easy. I come across many money saving articles which practically require you to live in a cave with Big Foot, never mind giving up buying coffee, yes COFFEE! (There’s probably a higher chance of aliens taking over than me giving up coffee).

It seems as though saving is a chore and can feel like a sacrifice because it means changing the lifestyle we’re comfortable with. However, there are solutions to this feeling! Saving money doesn’t have to be a pain. There are little ways to cut corners and watch the money add up quickly. 🙂

5 Tips To Save Money and Feel Happy About It

1. Cut Your Grocery Trips To One Day A Week

Studies show that if you cut your grocery shopping to once a week such as every Monday, you’re likely to spend much less than if you were to shop several times a week. The rationale is, every time you visit the store there’s an increased chance of buying more items than you originally came in for. We’re all guilty of this and not just at the grocery store. Cutting your trip to simply once a week is bound to save you $30-$60 a week.

2. Eating In is the New Eating Out with these Fun Recipe Apps

AllRecipes App

All Recipes is a great app for great meal ideas. Can’t decide what to eat? This app has a feature called the “Dinner Spinner” where it will decide your meal for you. Pick from top rated meals, whether you’re looking for a quick prep or a juicy, detailed feast the app’s got it all. The video tutorials help a lot while you cook!

AllTheCooks App

All The Cooks has over 150 thousand recipes shared by cooks around the world. It’s a social community for people who love to cook and share their ideas. There is a real time messaging platform where you can ask questions about the recipe and get an answer within minutes, making home-cooked meals that much more fun and affordable. 😉

Food Network – In the Kitchen App

In The Kitchen allows you to gain access to thousands of recipes from your favourite Food Network chefs! The recipes are also accompanied by how-to videos. You can add your own ingredients and save recipes to your favourites.


3. Have a Landline that Only the Telemarketers Seem To Use?

Consider cancelling your home phone contract and using your cellphone instead. Statistics show many more people no longer have a landline and solely rely on their cellphone for communication. Your landline is idle for most of the day, while you’re at work, and in the evenings the telemarketers are waiting to convince you to get those eavesdroughs cleaned. Why spend money on two phones, when one is plenty? Consider cancelling your landline and save as much as $400 a year.

4. Cable and Internet = Paying For The Same Thing Twice

Now this one may not sit well with everyone, but it maybe simply due to old habits and that “comfortable” feeling you get with a specific service. We’ve all heard of Netflix and many other sites that provide on demand shows and movies. These days you can watch almost any show or movie without having to wait for it to air on television. So why pay twice for the same service? Watchseries.it, vodly.to, netflix.com are all inexpensive (and even free!) sites that can provide almost the same services as cable does. Consider cancelling your cable and save as much as $800 a year.

5. Set ashutterstock_64161850 Dollar Limit on Your Spending

You don’t go into a dealership unless you have your magic number in mind, you know, that monthly payment you just refuse to pay a penny over. With the same concept in mind, set a dollar limit when you go shopping at the mall, when you book vacation, purchase home appliances and so on. For example, today when I go shopping I won’t spend over $150.

Having a limit to your purchases will help you curb the extra purchases and help track spending. After all, it is super easy to spend an extra $50 there, $100 here but at the end of the month, it can add up to a whopping thousand bucks on your credit card. Before you know it, you’re crying into your new Michael Kors trying to figure out how to pay off that debt!


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Article by: Anna Suzdenkova

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